Life will always present difficult challenges

to creative and loving people who

are determined to make

the most of this gift.

Life is difficult.

You may feel very successful in many areas of your life, but still experience profound discontent in others.

  • Perhaps your marriage seems empty or broken.

  • Perhaps your relationships with family and friends seem shallow, leaving you lonely.

  • Perhaps you wrestle with anxiety and depression.

  • Perhaps your faith seems very disconnected from the daily challenges you face.

I have been providing counseling and psychotherapy for over 30 years, helping people overcome the challenges that come with living a full and meaningful life.  Hundreds of people have honored me with conversations about their problems and pain.  I believe that most would say that, in my office, they found a safe place with a person who listens carefully and responds thoughtfully.

Although I am a psychotherapist, I also have extensive training and education in ministry, faith, and spirituality.  My personal path is that of Christianity, but I have a deep respect for other traditions. My desire is to help each person draw on his or her spiritual resources in order to move through life's rough spots.

I can help you through in any or all of the following areas:

  • Marriage Counseling

  • Family Counseling

  • Parenting Consultation

  • Work Relationships

  • Depression Treatment

  • Anxiety Treatment

  • Spiritual direction

Life will always be difficult for creative and loving people who want the most from this gift.  However, if your wounds are wearing you down, or the challenges are draining your hope, please allow me the opportunity to be of service.


To see my schedule or register to be a client, please click here.

PLEASE NOTE: My schedule is unusually packed these days. I may be 6 weeks from being able to see new clients.

I recommend my clients take the Enneagram Personality Inventory. A paid version is at the Enneagram Institute. A free version can be found here. Clients are welcome to cut and paste results and email them to me.