I use a secure, online practice management system called Therapy Appointment. TA allows my clients to manage their own appointments. You can register to become a client using this system. However, before you register, please consider the following:

  • COST - The standard cost for my counseling services is $140 for the first appointment and $125 for follow-up appointments. Many insurance plans cover a portion of the cost. Also, I have access to some funding through the Waco Partnership for Psychological and Spiritual Care to help subsidize a portion of the cost for those persons who qualify for that help.

  • PAYMENT - I accept cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa, Discover, Mastercard).

  • INSURANCE - If you want me to file on your insurance in order to cover a portion of the cost then you need to confirm that my services are covered under your policy. I am in network with BCBS, Scott & White, and Aetna, but this is still not a guarantee that your policy covers mental health services. Other insurance carriers cover my services depending on the type of policy. The only way to be sure about coverage is to call the toll free number on your card.

  • APPOINTMENT AVAILABILITY -  Before registering, please be sure I have appointment slots available that fit your schedule. My calendar tends to be fairly full, and I rarely have late afternoon or evening times open. You can see what's available from the registration link.

You can check my schedule and register by clicking this link. Once you have registered I will be notified, and I will be in touch with you.

I also ask my clients to take the Enneagram Inventory at Free Enneagram Inventory. After you take it, cut and paste the results into an email to me, then go to the Enneagram Institute and read the profiles for your top three types.  See if one of them seems to be a "best fit."